What the purprose?

We aim to help people serving and pouring great pints of craft beers. For that, we thought the best solution was to create a new competition awarding the very best of craft beer service. This competition was created for craft beer professionals : beer sommeliers, breweries, beer shops, bars and pubs.

The purpose is to keep educate people about how to serve a great pint of beer with a focus on the following topics :

  1. Beer styles around the world
  2. Beer brewing techniques
  3. Draught beer service
  4. Beer storage management
  5. Beer matching with food
  6. Cooking with beer
  7. History of beer
  8. Beer tasting and off-flavors recognition

How will it happen?

The competition will take place on a weekend. During these two days, every participants will try to qualify for the next beer game. The competition has been built like a football World Cup. Every country has selected a group of 20 of their best beer sommelier and those people will try to win some quiz and games about beer knowledge.

Every country will fight againts another country. At the end, we are going to have only two countries for the final.