Brewing process

To serve a great pint of craft beer, you need to know what’s inside of the glass. How beer is made and what is the influence of every ingredients in the taste of the beer. But brewing beer is not only a matter of ingredient mixing. It is also a question of process. Every little step during the brewing steps plays a role in the final taste.

That’s why, to have a great knowledge of flavors, you need to be at least a homebrewer. You need to know what’s the influence of the water, of the boiling step, of the dry hoping and co. You don’t need to be able to make the best craft beer, this is the craft brewers job. But you have got to know a little bit about brewing.

Do you have a wrong sour into your pint? Is it a issue with line cleaning, with dirty glasses or rather a brewing issue? Make sure it is not your fault before to call the brewer saying there is an issue with the beer.

To be the best craft beer bartender, make sure to begin with a brew day and a barbecue with some friends :